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State of The Art Facility, Treatment and Care

Orange County Surgery Center is defining the cutting edge of technology and technique.

Conveniently located, their state-of-the-art facility specializes in Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Interventional Radiology. Personable staff members have developed an efficient, streamlined process to ensure every visit is a positive experience.

Vascular Surgery - We provide care for a broad spectrum of vascular disorders through minimally invasive procedures and advanced image guided therapies. Our physicians apply extensive training to treat the root of the problem and increase blood flow to the legs and feet. During a comprehensive diagnosis, we explain in detail the lifestyle changes and medications that will dramatically improve mobility and quality of life.

General Surgery - The General Surgery specialization provides diagnosis, treatment and care for diseases affecting the abdomen, digestive tract, skin, breast, soft tissue, blood vessels and endocrine system. Our surgeons are highly skilled and utilize minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques to treat a range of procedures, from common problems such as appendicitis, hernias and gallstones to trauma-related injuries. Most surgeries are planned but some are unexpected. At Orange County Surgery Center, we are ready whenever you need us to provide the best possible care.

Interventional Radiology - is replacing open surgical procedures with minimally invasive, targeted treatments. Image guidance methods give the physician access to the vessels and organs, to diagnose and treat disease in nearly every organ system. X-rays, ultrasound, MRI and other imaging modalities are used for diagnosis and our physicians use the least invasive techniques available for treatment. This minimizes the risk, pain and physical trauma for the patient, resulting in improved outcomes and shorter recovery times.

Plastic Surgery - This specialization focuses on reconstructive and aesthetic surgery to correct, restore or improve the form and function of various parts of the face and body. Our team is dedicated to achieving unparalleled results by using the latest advances in cosmetic surgery, creating successful partnerships with our patients through professionalism, trust, education and understanding.

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California Ambulatory Surgery Association